Friday, 21 July 2017

British Virgin Islands Turn Down JIT Request

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In a fresh response, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) lawyer refused to help the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to investigate the criminal behavior of two overseas companies, Nixoll Limited and Nielson Enterprises, four senior executives at Sharifs. London apartments.

Sarah Potter-Washington, the Crown Counsel of BVI Attorney General, responded to JIT's request for mutual legal support (MLA) from Wajid Zia. The request requested help identifying, verifying, and verifying a specific document. The BVI Attorney General's (Chambers) liaison is the second response to three JIT's transfer requests.

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Another letter from Sheikh Hamad bin Jaber Al Thani was taken in front of three Supreme Court judges in a sealed envelope in addition to the BVI correspondence and was held upon the defense of both parties.

Please ask to resubmit your request. Qatar's king said he would not come to Pakistan by writing a fresh letter.

These documents were sent to the JIT, but the letter was forwarded to the Supreme Court's registry because the investigating team wrapped the secretariat in the Federal Justice Academy.

In the first letter, the BVI Legal Officer said that JIT did not comply with local laws despite finding MLA support.

The latter explained that the fact summary of the JIT did not provide background information, showing the link between these companies and the alleged crime.

The letter also said the request did not show how these companies were involved in the alleged corruption.

In addition to the information provided, the request must show how the crime was committed and provide a copy, not a quote, of the law related to the offense committed.

The request also did not clearly indicate whether a criminal investigation is underway or if the procedures for the company and the revenue owner of these companies have been initiated.

As a result, the BVI law enforcement officer said that he could not provide any support in response to JIT's request, but suggested that new demands could be submitted for further consideration once these anomalies have been corrected.

Likewise, Qatar said in a new letter that the JIT jurisdiction was a meaningless argument and that the position on the matter was so clear that it would not make any further discourse or argument on the issue of jurisdiction.

This letter reiterated his earlier position that Sheikh Al Thani did not in any way acknowledge the jurisdiction of Pakistani law and courts.

He argued that JIT's assertion - accepting and submitting to the Supreme Court the jurisdiction of Pakistani law and courts - was irrelevant and false.

The previous letter to the Supreme Court provided specific factual information and explained that it did not accept any jurisdiction.

Sheikh Al Thani also emphasized the intention to meet JIT at Doha. These two letters were provided to all parties in court.

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