Friday, 21 July 2017

IHC Gives Spy Agencies Five Days To Produce

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IHC gives spy agencies five days to produce Zardari’s ‘missing aide’

The Islamabad High Court provided information to the intelligence service for five days to dispatch aides to former President Asif Ali Zardari, who is accused of his house on April 4.

Judge Mordon Aktar Kayani, Nawab Leghari, on July 25 at a hearing Thursday, warned by the Pentagon and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, "If you can not produce a missing assistant, you have to face the influence of the referee." He suggested that agency representatives and case investigators work together to resolve this issue.

The intelligence service (IB) has submitted a reply that the victim is not in custody. Other agencies, including Inter-Services Intelligence and Military Intelligence, have denied that they already have any information about the missing person.

Lawyer Qasim Nawaz Abbasi, a lawyer in Leghari, submitted an additional document to the court at the press conference on April 15 that said the interior minister had "an important development in detenue". What he said about ISI's head and IB.

"This alone is enough to reach the conclusion that the prison is well suited to the official respondents' knowledge," the respondents added, "they threatened complaints." He said the application for it was submitted to the Lohi Bher SHO but remained unattended. The lawyer insisted that Mr. Leghari might be in the prison of the intelligence agency.

According to the petition, Leghari was in a house in Swan Garden, Islamabad, and some people knocked on the door and uncovered themselves as government officials. After Leghari and his cousin showed a computerized national identity card to unknowns, he tied Leghari to his car.

Barrister Abbasi said investigators were able to identify vehicles using images of safe urban cameras. In her petition, Leghari's wife insisted that the Interior Secretary might have been illegally detained.

Barrister Abbasi informed the court that the petitioner had visited the Lohi Bher police station, but the SHO initially refused to register the FIR. He was registered to the FIR only after the police were in the press. The lawyer asked the court to ask the court to instruct the Islamabad police inspector to restore Leghari to his family.

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