Friday, 21 July 2017

Law To Take Course If PM Fails To Justify

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Law to take course if PM fails to justify his assets: Aitzaz

The Senate witnessed a fierce debate between the opposition party and the Treasury benchmark in a report recently submitted by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to the Chief Justice of the Panamanian newspaper for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family on Thursday.

The opposition leader in the Senate, Aitzaz Ahsan, said that if the prime minister fails to justify his assets, the law must take that course. He said the beneficiary was responsible for the forgery.

The PPP leader said that in accordance with Article 193 of the Criminal Procedure Code, forgery of cases involving judicial proceedings was sentenced to up to seven years in prison.

He cited a ruling by former Supreme Court chief, Afzal Zullah, in 1992. According to the ruling, there is no difference if the evidence is collected through wrong means.

The minister informs the Senate that two books were expended when the High Court filed a lawsuit.

Farhatullah Babar of the Pakistani People 's Party criticized ISPR for claiming to resign from the prime minister' s claim to stand in the side of law and justice and corruption.

"I can not support lectures on the ISPR's law and justice while demanding the resignation of a prime minister." When one of General Pervez Musharraf escaped from court and found a refuge in Rawalpindi Hospital, "He said.

Babar said ISPR had no tweets that blamed corruption when the DHA Lahore fraud case was filed on Wednesday at home.

He said that selectively only by rule of law is a mockery of rule and justice.

He said that after the prime minister was charged with perjury and submitted false documents, he had no choice but to turn around and allow the law to go through the process.

The PPP leader said it was wrong to say that the resignation of the prime minister would be a threat to democracy.

Former ministers Pervez Rasheed and Mushahidullah Khan criticized JIT and demanded a £ 49,000 huge tax on the employment of a London-based litigation company owned by JIT head and Wajid Zia And to secure certain documents under mutual legal assistance for payment.

Attorney General Zahid Hamid said that the basis for his resignation is an unreliable JIT report, adding that the prime minister has no question to step back.

He ordered the JIT to collect evidence for the first person (Nawaz Sharif) and said the JIT exceeded the order.

"They have gone so far, the Hudaibiya paper mill and the Chaudhry Sugar Mill have nothing to do with it," he said, referring to the entire process as malaria.

He said the JIT would provide an explanation and refutation because he did not share any documents with the respondent. He said that most illegally collected documents and statements were not available. He said the mutual legal assistance is to procure documents from the government, not the private sector.

Hamid said JIT has taken on the role of the court and has conducted a survey on 13 questions raised by the Supreme Court. He added that there was no evidence in the interview with the UN chief.

The minister said he had prepared two volumes for the case bound by the High Court. He accused Ishaq Dar of avoiding taxes despite offering the JIT a statement submitted to the JIT two days before submitting the report to the Supreme Court.

Senator Raza Rabbani said that before reading the prorogation order, the state's salvation lies in democracy, democracy, and rule of law, and will be protected in every way.

He made it clear that if there had been an attempt to harm Congress, he would stand at the forefront for protection.

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