Friday, 21 July 2017

People’s Mandate Snatched In By-Poll

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People’s mandate snatched in by-poll, says Mengal

Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal) Sardar arc Tar menggal (Sardar Akhtar Mengal) president claimed that prove he kidnapped the mandate the people have given to the party in order to have a partisan political party the election in NA-260 pro .

Press conference at the child and support for the US national per Asghar Khan Achakzai, Balochistan National Movement chairman, Hayee Baloch, Hazara Democratic Party Abdul Khaliq Hazara, joint candidates with Wahid Baloch minister going blind BNP-Awami on Thursday Sardar at a press conference was to extend the thanks of candidates per pyohamyeo his allies, the leaders got more than 37,000 votes in the election, but people were always prove that opposition to the undemocratic forces, and delegates to the Democratic party, their mission has always been kidnapped.

He said the nationalist party alliance was formed to counter the by-election and would remain in place in the next election.

"We want the government to hold public meetings in different areas of Quetta and kicking Tajikistan by providing equal opportunities to all political parties to keep the democratic norms, including those in the opposition," said Sardar Mengal said.

He wanted to hold an open meeting and asked the government to hold an open meeting at the railway hockey arena, but he did not get permission and offered to hold a meeting on the soccer stadium of Ayub Stadium. "But the government did not allow public meetings," he regretted and strongly criticized the government's attitude.

He also criticized the killing of innocent people in Quetta and Mastung and said it was evidence that the government did not honor the lives and honor of the people.

Achakzai of the ANP provincial president denounced those who committed the goals in Mastung, Quetta and Chaman and said unsafe at that time the life of the most senior police officers were safe in that area.

Dr. Abdul Hayee Baloch declared that the current political alliance will remain intact for future elections.

Does it grow Let's Democratic Party Abdul Carly greater Raja (Abdul Khaliq Hazara) President Mas tteutang (Mastung) and condemned the targeted killings in Quetta (Quetta) to cause misunderstanding and hatred against other ethnic groups in deulyiyi terrorists Province Said.

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