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Robbers Make Off With Rs3m In Year’s Fifth Bank

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Robbers make off with Rs3m in year’s fifth bank heist in Karachi

On Thursday afternoon, three suspects in Gulshan-i-Iqbal attacked private banks, arrested security personnel and employees in munitions, and the administration did not follow the state-prescribed standard operating procedures (SOPs) He came to Pakistan to prevent robbery. Gulshan-I-Iqbal DSP Agha Asghar told Dawn that about two suspects arrived at the Faysal Bank branch near Mochi Mor in Block-2 at about 2.12pm. Four of them stayed outside the bank and the remaining eight went into the bank. They took the pistol and the shotgun from two security guards there to host the staff and depreciated 3.15 million rupees from cash counters and strengths.

Initially, the bank official found that the robber robbed the police at Rs5.7m, but later found Rs2.6m in the bag of the cash counter to be safe. Bank management was found in the heinous violation of the SOP ordered by SBP," Gulshan DSP said.

Bank management was found in the heinous violation of the SOP mandated by the SBP

He said the bank official followed the SOP by setting up an internal bunker, but the security guard opened the door and sat there and said the thief had made him hostage. Both guards were not trained because they did not resist. The dacoits took a pistol and a 12-caliber gun from them, but later they threw the gun and took the pulled-up pistol.

Moreover, the bank executive did not sound a beep when the burglar entered, nor was the strength adequately protected. DSP showed that the burglar arrived at the motorcycle but left the bank to pick up the CCTV shot from the bank. Police detained two guards for questioning. Police officials have ruled out the possibility of armed forces interfering with bank robberies. This was the fifth bank robber in 2017 in Karachi. In April, a person who changed money was thieved in a boat basin arrested on security guards. His two bodyguards turned out to be involved in robbery.

Outgoing AIG Karachi and Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar have warned bank officials that the SBP's SOP could be booked for 'refusal' in the case of a bank robbery because the SOP was not carried out to prevent such robbery. Meanwhile, IGP A.D. Khowaja urgently requested a detailed investigation report in Eastern DIG, paying attention to bank robberies.

He also assured the CIA DIG to collect all evidence available at the crime scene, record statements of witnesses and bank employees, and arrest the perpetrators. Factory workers were killed by thieves.

Police said a man was arrested on suspicion of rape.

They added that Darvesh Zaman (age 48) withdrew cash from the bank and that a motorcycle gunman rides his motorcycle when he intercepts him near the Fire Brigade office in Metroville. When he declared resistance, the thief fired at him and escaped to Rs 75,000, said SITE SP Asif Ahmed Bughio. He suffered a single gunshot wound on his chest and was taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. The victim, a resident of the Sherpao colony in Landhi, worked at the factory. Police said the police tried to secure CCTV footage to identify the killer.

Two robbers accused of being killed in a meeting. Two suspects were killed in Shah Latif Town's Rangers, Police and Tipu Sultan police stations, each with separate gunfire. A paramilitary spokesman said two suspects were looting people in Landhi's Cattle Colony. A citizen, Ishaq, ran to the Rangers' staff, and later a suspect named Imtiaz Akbar was murdered and Abdul Razzak was arrested.

The suspect was handed over to the police to fire weapons and take additional legal action. Separately, a police officer in Tipu Sultan shot a suspected burglar while the accomplice escaped. They are believed to have plundered people near the railway crossing PECHS Block-6 early on Thursday.

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