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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Iraq Old Grievances Fuel Deadly Protests

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In Iraq old grievances fuel protests 2018 News

In Iraq old grievances fuel protests 2018  In a battle with an Islamic nation that is a militant group, Iraqis unite with a common enemy. But just months after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory against jihad activists, a series of protests spread to several cities, once the social complaints once burned in the burner. Since its eruption in the oil-rich Basra on July 8, people have been angered by unemployment, high prices, power cuts and available water scarcity.

The question of people's mouths, from Basra to the capital, Baghdad, was the question, "Where is the government?" Due to May's electoral failure, the same inquiry did not make the new dismissal a record-breaking. He emphasized contempt for Iraqi political leaders. So far, eight people have been killed during protests, several sources said there was a brief Internet outage and authorities claimed 260 security personnel were wounded.

Explosion of anger '
This demonstration means an explosion of anger over the entire system that blatantly stole the opportunity for a better life for Iraqis, said Iraqi expert Fanar Haddad. The failure of Iraqi political education in all aspects of administration and economic management has become a sharper remedy," Haddad added.

For more than a week, demonstrators set off on the streets seeking ways to leave the country, the second largest producer of OPEC oil cartels, to 38 million citizens.

In some cases, the security forces started live broadcasts to prevent public property and protesters who fired at the headquarters of the party.

Authorities say people in distress have turned violent peaceful demonstrations.

After the NAT conference on which IS's ongoing agenda was on the agenda, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi flew from Brussels to Basra last week to restore tranquility. The Prime Minister has invested $ 3 billion in the province of Basra and promised to spend more on housing, schools and services.

Some cabinet members have called a strong tribal chief in southern Iraq and urged them to exercise their influence to restore order in the region. When Abadi was elected in 2014, the prime minister pledged to deal with climate corruption and at that stage vowed to get rid of Jihadists in Iraq, which accounted for a third of the country.

He was praised for overseeing the war effort. But his supporters say the war on corruption will take time. Iraq has been voted the 12th most corrupt country in the world by the Transparency International Organization.

'Cosmetic concession'
The investment commitment to Basra will not satisfy the protesters that Abadi may not be able to lead the next government, political analyst Hisham al-Hashemi says.

The election placed the prime minister's Victory Alliance in third place.

And his block was provisionally united with a nationalist minister, Moktada Sadr, in June, but the coalition will still occupy only 96 of the 329 members. However, despite the political turmoil over two months after the election, even fragmented outcomes are subject to review in some areas. - Hashemi expects the demonstration movement to be dizzy.

"They do not have leadership, political identity or media support to bring legitimate demands," he says. And sticks are placed along with carrots. The authorities arrested dozens of activists and ordered others to take the streets by posting protests online.

As the protests are expected to spread on Saturday, the Internet has been blocked nationwide. Officials said the closure was due to maintenance work and Iraq is almost back online on Monday. But Iraqis still could not connect to social networks. Haddad pointed out that the protests could end in suggesting temporary solutions until the political temperatures cool down, pointing out that anger over public services during the summer tends to be historically boiling.

"The Iraqi political class is dragging the bunkers, waiting for the storm to pass, promises of makeup and reforms coming out," he said. But the problem facing Iraq is "a long-term" requiring much more than Iraq's self-interested political class can provide.

Israeli parliament passes contentious Jewish nation bill

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Israeli parliament passes contentious Jewish nation bill 2018

Israeli contentious Jewish nation bill 2018 Israeli parliament on Thursday approved the country as a Jewish nation, but approved a bill of controversy that critics warn minority critics. The government says the bill, which was passed in the early hours of the morning, will only bring Israel's existing personality to law. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it "a historical moment in the history of Zionism and a history of the nation of Israel."

"Israel is a state of Jewish nation that respects the individual rights of all citizens," he said. "I repeat that this is our state, a Jewish nation."

"Recently, there are people who are trying to make this problem unstable," he added, adding that it destabilizes the foundations of our existence and rights. "Today we have established a law of stone, this is our country, this is our language, this is our nation, and this is our flag. Israel's Declaration of Independence in 1948 defined its nature as a Jewish and democratic state, a delicate balance of bustle for 70 years.

Opponents of the new bill say Arab minorities have alienated about 20% and have downgraded Arabs to "special" status in public officials. The law passed with 62-55 supporters and two Knesset members abstained. The bill, stipulated in the "Basic Act", is likely to challenge the Supreme Court while granting a semi-constitutional status.

The lawmakers, in one way and the other, argued in Congress one after another in order to vigorously express their views. Ayman Odeh, head of the Arab Joint List, warned of the implications of the law and shook the black flag while speaking.

"This is an evil law," he told lawmakers, adding that "a black flag is on it."

"Today I must say to all my children in the Palestinian Arab city that I declare that they do not want us here," Odeh said in a statement. "He passed the Jewish supremacy law and said we would always be a second class citizen."

Beciny Begin, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Messany Begin, warned the party's founder of the Likany party of the Netanyahu ruling on the party's human rights record.

"This is not a decision the Likud party leadership expected," he said.

Eugene Kontorovich, director of international law at the conservative Jerusalem think tank, Kohelet Policy Forum, "is similar to the provisions of many Western democracy constitutions." Population.

Kontorovic accused the bill of "false wrath" as another attempt to "simply select the Jewish state and defend the double standards".

American Jewish organizations also expressed opposition to the law.

The American Jewish Committee, a group representing the Jewish Diaspora, said it was "disappointed" that the founders of Israel had jeopardized the promise to build a Jewish and democratic state.

Jeremy Ben Ami, president of J-street, a liberal pro-Israel group in Washington, said the purpose of the bill was "to send a message to the Arab community, the LGBT community and other ethnic minorities in Israel that they will never be equal and not equal. Citizen said to send ".

"The strong ties between Israel and the Jews are based on this value of Israel as both Jewish and democratic," Ben Ami said, expressing concern that the bill would weaken the power of Israel's democracy.

Lawmakers on Sunday allowed the creation of an "independent community" and critics removed the most controversial clause in the bill, which they called racists.

Israelis, including President Reuven Rivlin and the Attorney General, opposed draft draft legislation. Israeli opponents of the bill, which is considered to be discriminatory on Saturday in Tel Aviv, have made a number of protests on the streets.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Robbers Make Off With Rs3m In Year’s Fifth Bank

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Robbers make off with Rs3m in year’s fifth bank heist in Karachi

On Thursday afternoon, three suspects in Gulshan-i-Iqbal attacked private banks, arrested security personnel and employees in munitions, and the administration did not follow the state-prescribed standard operating procedures (SOPs) He came to Pakistan to prevent robbery. Gulshan-I-Iqbal DSP Agha Asghar told Dawn that about two suspects arrived at the Faysal Bank branch near Mochi Mor in Block-2 at about 2.12pm. Four of them stayed outside the bank and the remaining eight went into the bank. They took the pistol and the shotgun from two security guards there to host the staff and depreciated 3.15 million rupees from cash counters and strengths.

Initially, the bank official found that the robber robbed the police at Rs5.7m, but later found Rs2.6m in the bag of the cash counter to be safe. Bank management was found in the heinous violation of the SOP ordered by SBP," Gulshan DSP said.

Bank management was found in the heinous violation of the SOP mandated by the SBP

He said the bank official followed the SOP by setting up an internal bunker, but the security guard opened the door and sat there and said the thief had made him hostage. Both guards were not trained because they did not resist. The dacoits took a pistol and a 12-caliber gun from them, but later they threw the gun and took the pulled-up pistol.

Moreover, the bank executive did not sound a beep when the burglar entered, nor was the strength adequately protected. DSP showed that the burglar arrived at the motorcycle but left the bank to pick up the CCTV shot from the bank. Police detained two guards for questioning. Police officials have ruled out the possibility of armed forces interfering with bank robberies. This was the fifth bank robber in 2017 in Karachi. In April, a person who changed money was thieved in a boat basin arrested on security guards. His two bodyguards turned out to be involved in robbery.

Outgoing AIG Karachi and Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar have warned bank officials that the SBP's SOP could be booked for 'refusal' in the case of a bank robbery because the SOP was not carried out to prevent such robbery. Meanwhile, IGP A.D. Khowaja urgently requested a detailed investigation report in Eastern DIG, paying attention to bank robberies.

He also assured the CIA DIG to collect all evidence available at the crime scene, record statements of witnesses and bank employees, and arrest the perpetrators. Factory workers were killed by thieves.

Police said a man was arrested on suspicion of rape.

They added that Darvesh Zaman (age 48) withdrew cash from the bank and that a motorcycle gunman rides his motorcycle when he intercepts him near the Fire Brigade office in Metroville. When he declared resistance, the thief fired at him and escaped to Rs 75,000, said SITE SP Asif Ahmed Bughio. He suffered a single gunshot wound on his chest and was taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. The victim, a resident of the Sherpao colony in Landhi, worked at the factory. Police said the police tried to secure CCTV footage to identify the killer.

Two robbers accused of being killed in a meeting. Two suspects were killed in Shah Latif Town's Rangers, Police and Tipu Sultan police stations, each with separate gunfire. A paramilitary spokesman said two suspects were looting people in Landhi's Cattle Colony. A citizen, Ishaq, ran to the Rangers' staff, and later a suspect named Imtiaz Akbar was murdered and Abdul Razzak was arrested.

The suspect was handed over to the police to fire weapons and take additional legal action. Separately, a police officer in Tipu Sultan shot a suspected burglar while the accomplice escaped. They are believed to have plundered people near the railway crossing PECHS Block-6 early on Thursday.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Mudassar Says Training Camp Will Help

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Mudassar says training camp will help in discovering fresh talent

On Thursday, Mudassar Nazar, the leader of the National Cricket Academy (NCA), said the ongoing high-performance camps will help you find fresh talent to fill the vacancy in national teams due to the retirement of Younis Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq, . .

NCA's director said in an interview with the press that such high-performance camps have always helped him find new talent.

"These camps have produced favorable results in the search for players who, in the long run, have contributed to the national dimension.

"In 2003 and 2009, a long-term high-performance camp was organized and in both cases helped us to find high-quality cricket games," recalls Mudassar.

But he admitted, "It is not easy to find alternatives for experienced activists like Misbah and Younis."

But in answer to the question, he said it was sometimes easy to get a replacement for a symbolic cricket player, but it took years to replace it.

"Based on my participation in the previous camps held in 2003 and 2009, I was able to find a great player who had worked for a long time in my country," said NCA Director General.

He also said that it is not fair to conclude that a successful team in the championship trophy is perfectly balanced.

The NCA director said, "The unsatisfactory after winning the trophy in the major tournament is not a good sign because there are so many things to do at the national level ahead of the next international convention."

Mudassar said high-performance camps will help improve the standard of domestic cricket. "When the camp participants come to the national tournament, other players will learn from them," he added.

In answering another question, he said there is an ongoing effort to strengthen the pace of national pace by paying special attention to bowlers.

"We have some young pacemakers in U-16 and U-17 countries very quickly, but we have to wait until they can bloom," he added.

"I discovered some high quality cricket players while we toured our 'A' team, which we believe to be successful."

"We need to pay attention to the junior team to train new talent," said NCA. "NCA needs a lot of time and effort to find a cricketer who can play for a long time."

Shikhar Or Abhinav Should Not Feel

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Shikhar or Abhinav should not feel burden of pressure: Kohli

Whether Shikhar Dhawan or Abhinav Mukund, who is held side by side with KL Rahul in Galle's first test with Sri Lanka, should be considered as an opportunity rather than a pressure to do this.

The captain called the wrist injury of regular test opener Murali Vijay "unhappy" but honestly praised the players' fitness status.

"Every player comes to the team that they want to do, and injuries are an unfortunate part of the sport." Vijay came back from rehab, played games and said Select is not the right player, it's the kind of culture being created. Kohli said at his arrival media conference.

"Abhinav (Mukund) is there, he played a lot of domestic cricket. Last season Shikhar played a hundred games.

"(Cheteshwar) Pujara opened the door in the final exam (Dharamshala), so people see this scenario as an opportunity, not a pressure, and Colley admits that the team must bring a spiritual change from a white ball to a red ball cricket. did.

Sri Lanka is a team at the turnaround, but Collier expects more than they fight.

"We know we have to work hard, we have to respect the game, you have to be professional," Kohli asked in the testing section what he needed.

Sri Lanka's chief pioneer Rangana Herath took 15 wickets in the last two years and seven of them took part in the winning Galle Test.

"He is a great bowler.If he can not find a solution, he will do what he does in Galle.You have to take a step in front of the opposition and find a way to oppose it.If the mistake continues, it does not improve to the side." "Kohli said.

GDP Growth Beats ADB’s Projection For 2016-17

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said Pakistan's economic growth rate (2016-17) surpassed international lending expectations three months ago.

The Asian Development Outlook (ADO) released in April predicted GDP growth of 5.2% in 2016-17. In contrast, according to an economic survey released by the Treasury, the growth rate reached 5.28 percent, the highest in nine months.

The ADO supplement, published by ADB on Thursday, said the country's economic growth was backed by sustained recovery in agriculture and steady growth in services, as well as the revival of agriculture. Strong private consumption has made the biggest contribution to growth.

The report predicts that South Asia's economic prospects will be solid and will increase by 7% in 2017 and 7.2% in 2018. ADB projected a growth rate of 5.5pc in Pakistan in 2017-18.

According to the ADB report, Asia 's developing economies' prospects for economic growth in 2017 recovered to stronger export demand in the first quarter of this year. We also upgraded the region's growth outlook from 5.7pc to 5.9pc in 2017 and from 5.7pc to 5.8pc in 2018. The rising exchange rate in 2018 reflects a cautious view on the sustainability of this export promotion.

"Asian development is a good start with export improvements that boost growth prospects for the rest of the year 2017," said ADB chief economist Yasuyuki Sawada. "Despite uncertainty over the strength of the global economic recovery Nonetheless, we think the local economy is facing a potential impact on the prospects. "

The combined growth of major industrial economies is expected to remain at 1.9% in 2017 and 2018. The slowdown in US growth was offset by 2.2% as the outlook for the euro area and Japan improved due to sluggish domestic demand.

Value-Added Textile Exports Grow

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Pakistan's National Statistical Office (PBS) said Thursday that textile and apparel exports grew 0.04 percent in 2016-17 to $ 12.45 billion.

The export was $ 1.21 billion in June, up 24 percent from a year ago.

Overseas sales of textile groups, which account for 60% of China's total exports, have remained stagnant at $ 12bn over the last few years.

The data showed that the ready-to-wear apparel sector was the only bright spot. Exports were $ 231 million in 2016-17, an increase of 6% over the previous year. Clothing exports increased by 6.13% in terms of quantity. The exports grew more than 20% in June.

Another value-added product knitwear exports posted a negative growth of $ 2.36 billion from $ 0.07 percent. However, exports of knitwear increased 0.66% in volume terms.

Exports of bed wear in the last financial year increased by 5.6pc and 7.37pc. Towel exports fell 2.04pc year-on-year and 0.87pc in quantity in 2016-17.

The value added sector grew due to government support. Another reason for increased exports of high value-added textiles was the preferential approach to the EU in 28 countries under the GSP + scheme.

Exports of intermediate goods such as cotton yarn fell 1.69% but increased by 7.49% QoQ. One of the reasons is that China's demand for yarns and fabrics is sluggish.

Exports of cotton fabrics fell 4.23%, but in terms of quantity, they increased by 7.49%. Exports of raw cotton fell 49pc to 44pc in 2016-17.

Exports of low value-added products such as cotton cards increased the value of 62pc and increased the quantity of 51pc. Exports of tents and canvases rose 57% in value, while products excluding towels and beds increased 2.62%.

However, exports of yarn other than cotton yarn fell 25pc in value and 30p in quantity.